bucky catching a bad cold and steve waiting on him hand and foot and rushing to his side every time he hears a weak, “steeb”


What happens when you get a haircut and then you don’t have the money to pay for it? Do they put the hair back on?




Georges son calls from Hogwarts on the first day of school terrified and keeps asking if George is okay, he reassures him that everything is alright but asks why he would ask that. Georges son explains that he thought he had died because he could have sworn he had seen a ghost that looked just like him joking around with the older students


first of all, fuck you

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oh how the turntables [ x ]


Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

malia tate in m o n s t r o u s  (4x10)

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" Allison’s breathing finally stops and the world falls perfectly
  silent around them.” - “Insatiable" script, page 43.  Scene 50. x

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Teen Wolf cast dancing at the MTV Movie Awards

I love how Sinqua’s up there all trying to lead a nice Jack Johnson style sway.

Except Daniel’s pulling some sort of weird half boy band move.

JR’s doing ‘the creeper’.

Dylan’s like typical bass player who’s in his own world.

Posey thinks he’s in a most pit.

And Hoechlin’s like the nerdy kid who accidentally got invited to the frat party and all he knows how to do is a Jersey Shore fist pump and a kumbayah clap.

lol Hoechlin. He’s so adorable.

Lord only two of them have any rhythm. bless their hearts

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So, we’ve seen Cute!Malia, Cuddly!Malia, Sexy!Malia, Wild!Malia, Funny!Malia, Nervous!Malia, Angry!Malia, Offended!Malia, Smart!Malia, a tiny bit of Worried!Malia - now give me PROTECTIVE!Malia, Mr. Davis! I want her to bare her teeth and growl and punch a baddie to protect her man! Huzzah! GIMME!

same i’m not sure it will happen this season tho

make me choose: anonymous asked

scydia or stydia